CEO Message

Hisami Kitahara

Since our foundation in 1990, we have pursued fashionable and high-functional apparel at affordable price in the field of casual apparel industry to deliver clothes useful for everyday life.

The world is facing drastic changes and uncertainties under the influence of COVID-19. The new management team started off to accomplish the company slogan, "Creating an attractive store that is trusted by many customers". We developed products to meet every shift of customers’ needs and will strive to create a community-based store to support the new normal life.

We also intend to enforce initiatives on global environmental issues and compliance for social norms and corporate governance. Seeking for sustainable growth, and to increase our corporate value, we continue challenges so that all stakeholder’s interests will be protected.

President and CEO, Kazushi Sakashita

Company Data

jasdaqSecurity code:7603

Company name MAC HOUSE CO.,LTD.
Establishment 1-Jun-90
Capital 1,617,850,000 yen
Number of shares 15,597,638
Location of headquarter 〒166-0011 Shin-KoenjiTwinBuilding, 1-7-7 Umesato,
Suginami-ku, Tokyomap
Number of employees 277 (As of February 28, 2022)
Fiscal term End of February
Main lines of business The Company is a retailer mainly focused on casual clothing and
has a chain of stores nationwide.
Number of stores 333 (As of June 30, 2022)
Main products Clothing and accessories for men, women, and kids.
Life style goods.
Main suppliers Edwin Co., Ltd., Toyoshima & Co., Ltd., TEIJIN FRONTIER CO., LTD.,
MINOYA Co., Ltd., Takihyo CO., LTD., VF(JAPAN) Limited
Affiliated companies Chiyoda Co., Ltd.
Chiyoda Bussan Co., Ltd.
(As of May 19, 2021)
President & CEO Kazushi Sakashita
Chairperson Koji Funahashi
Director Yoshio Kazami
Director Toshiaki Yamada
Director Kentaro Kasai
Standing Auditor Mamoru Tamura
Auditor Yoshiaki Uchida
Auditor Shigeru Kobayashi
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